Riceshoot 10 Pcs Diwali Porch Banner Set

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Riceshoot 10 Pcs Diwali Porch Banner Set, 2 Pcs 71 Inches Peacock Front Porch Welcome Sign 6 Pcs 5 ft Orange and Yellow Marigold Garland for Decoration and 2 Pcs 6.5 ft LED Lights for Indian Wedding
Comprehensive Package for a Complete Decor Solution: this Diwali decorations for home set includes 2 pieces of peacock porch banners, 6 pieces of marigold garlands, and 2 pieces of light strings, and all essential pieces to create a traditional ambiance within a modern setting, which helps keep the atmosphere of Diwali alive and brings the glorious festival right to your doorstep with an easily accessible package
Quality Material: the Diwali porch banners of our Indian backdrop decorations sets are mainly made of quality polyester fabric that is durable, sturdy, which ensures your banners will remain vibrant and intact, adorning your porch through the entire festive period; The marigold garlands, mainly made of quality plastic, faithfully mimic the enchanting charm of real marigolds in full bloom, adding a charm of chaste and sublime orange and yellow hues to your decor
Suitable Dimensions for Display: the Indian decorations for home sets are designed to turn heads; Boasting a length of about 71 inches/180 cm and a width of about 12 inches/30 cm, the banners dominate your porch with joyful energy and luminescent color; The marigold garlands are about 5 ft/150 cm long, while the light strings extend up to approximately 6.5 ft/200 cm, ensuring abundant coverage and an ideal festival atmosphere
Easy to Install and Arrange: you can hang our banners of these peacock decorations for home sets on the door, and then decorate them with marigold garlands and light strings, transforming your home into a luminous festival scene; The lights are warm yellow, which can bring you a charming Diwali atmosphere and leave you an unforgettable Diwali remember
Diversified Usage Scenarios: the porch is not the only area that you can enjoy from this versatile decor; The banners, Indian marigold garlands, and light strings are ideal for adorning doors, windows, gardens, indoor spaces and outdoor spaces, fulfilling your diverse decoration needs during the joyous Diwali season
The artificial marigold flowers for decoration glow in warm shades of orange and yellow, and they augment the festive mood profoundly. Combined with the radiant and lustrous light strings, it creates an inviting atmosphere, welcoming your guests with warmth and cheerfulness.
Given that our Diwali banner decorations, garlands, and light strings are primarily designed for Diwali, the esteemed festival of lights, they nicely serve the festive purpose. They nicely enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal, lighting up your porch, and embody the essence of Diwali celebrations.

Main material:
Diwali porch banner: polyester fabric
Marigold garland: plastic
Main color:
Marigold garland: orange and yellow
Diwali porch banner: approx. 71 inches/ 180 cm long with the width of approx. 12 inches/ 30 cm
Marigold garland: approx. 5 ft/ 150 cm long
Light strings: approx. 6.5 ft/ 200 cm long

Package includes:
2 x Diwali porch banner
6 x Marigold garland
2 x Light strings

Manual measurement, please allow slight errors on size.
The color may exist a slight difference due to different screen displays.
Winding risk may exist, please keep our product away from children.

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